Commitment to Inclusion

Camp Fire takes pride in its long-standing commitment to providing programs and services to all youth and families. Our programs are designed to foster positive intercultural relationships and reduce gender, racial, religious, sexual and cultural stereotypes.

In Camp Fire, everyone is welcome.

Read this message on inclusion from Camp Fire's National President, Cathy Tisdale.

Inclusion in Our ProgramsExcited Campers

Youth of all backgrounds and abilities are welcome in Camp Fire programs. Our staff works with parents to ensure a successful experience, whether it’s in a school-year program, day camp or overnight camp. We encourage parents to be open with us about their child’s needs, so that we can determine how best to support your child.

With that in mind, remember that every program is not the best fit for every child. Children attending day and overnight camp need to have a certain level of independence and be able to control their behavior to ensure safety for themselves and others. Contact Camp Fire staff to find out which programs best fit your child’s needs and abilities.

Special Needs and Inclusion: You Bet I CAN!

Camp Fire is open to everyone and we embrace the uniqueness of every individual and family.  Our inclusive program focuses on building skills and gaining self-esteem as part of the outdoor experience.  We want every child to have the opportunity to participate in camp.  Campers with ANY sort of special need are encouraged to attend any of our camp sessions.  We are a legacy partner of the National Inclusion Project – Lets ALL Play program.  Your camper will have the opportunity to say “You bet I CAN!” while they participate in all of our camp activities alongside their peers.

YBIC Camper and BuddyThe following “YBIC” sessions have additional qualified staff to work with a larger population and variety of our campers with special needs. 

Campers who need more specialized support or one-on-one assistance should choose one of these sessions.