Camp Fire National

Camp Fire has a long and rich history as one of the nation’s largest organizations dedicated to youth development. Founded in 1910 by Dr. and Mrs. Luther Halsey Gulick, the agency was the first non-sectarian, interracial organization for girls. Camp Fire’s guiding values of self-reliance, the importance of community and environmental education are built on the traditions of American pioneering and Indian lore. Seeing the need to offer a place where boys and girls could work together as peers, Camp Fire became co-ed in 1975. View the National History Timeline here.

One of the greatest strengths of Camp Fire is its ability to anticipate, plan and adapt to change. Today’s children are confronted with challenges unlike any generation before, and Camp Fire continues its tradition of listening to the needs of young people and responding with exciting, relevant programs.

Our Promise

Young people want to shape the world.
Camp Fire provides the opportunity
to find their spark,
lift their voice, and
discover who they are.
In Camp Fire, it begins now.
Light the fire within