• The water is great here, come on in!
  • Friendships of a lifetime are formed at camp.

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The Camp Fire Promise

Young people want to shape the world. Camp Fire provides the opportunity to find their spark, lift their voice, and discover who they are. In Camp Fire, it begins now. Light the fire within!

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Camp Fire Inland Northwest

Camp Fire Inland Northwest owns and operates two summer youth camps; Camp Sweyolakan located on Lake Coeur d’Alene in Idaho & Camp Dart-Lo located on North Spokane in Washington. Camp Dart-Lo and Sweyolakan are available for limited rental opportunities.

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GYPSY WEEK COLORS, Camp Sweyolakan, August 15-21
Note: Colors are by camper's grade in the fall, not by their unit.
Grades 1-3 Red & Teal
Grade 4 Yellow & Brown
Grade 5 Hunter Green & Blue
Grade 6 Blue & Black
Grades 7-8 Pink & White
Grades 9-12 Neon & Black

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Camp Fire Inland Northwest believes every child can be a Camp Fire kid! We have programs for boys and girls ages 3-18 through clubs, camps and community programs. If you would like to support a child so they can participate in these programs, or help us maintain our council and camps please donate.  We need your support – and thank you!

If you’re looking for a social outlet for your boys and girls where they can have a blast while learning – then Camp Fire’s small group programs – called Clubs – are for you!  We also have Family Clubs. Join now, as a Leader or Member-at-Large – sell candy to earn your way to camp.

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