Camp Fire Inland Northwest Endowment Fund

Phase One Goal: $2 Million Dollars Endowment Fund Campaign Goal $5 Million Dollars

The endowment fund serves to support all Camp Fire clubs, camps and community-enrichment programs. The fund is managed through Gary Shea at UBS and provides an annual distribution of approximately 4% to be used for operating support.

How does an Endowment Fund Work?

The endowment fund serves to support all Camp Fire programs, clubs, camps and community programs. In endowments the actual gift kept as a reserve, and not spent, or a portion might be spent only on specific uses. The gift serves as an investment with interest from the gift used so a group can continue to operate in perpetuity. (Which means forever.)

How Much Do we Need to Raise to Maintain a Healthy Endowment?

The goal from our board is to increase our current endowment fund to $5 Million dollars, with a short term goal of $2 Million dollars. The effort to make this goal a reality is coming from the board, the volunteers of our groups, and donors. These types of pledges come from donors making a lifetime gift, or ongoing smaller support.

Where did we start on this Campaign?

Laurie Skipper, Joan Degerstrom and Dr. Elizabeth Welty made the first three foundational donations. All matching grants, the money they gave is to match others who stepped forward toward the endowment. Current supporters were contacted and asked to donate as well. These efforts have been ongoing since February of 2012 and will continue until we have reached our goal.

Have We Been Successful?

YES! – We raised approximately $60,000 at our Camp Sweyolakan 90th birthday dinner cruise and auction. Donors and matching gifts have been added to this making the total combined efforts of the campaign as of August 2012 to $537,500 toward the $2 Million endowment goal.

We are not done. The endowment campaign will continue. We are well on our way to our goal. Some people will have the ability to make a large pledge. Others will make a small pledge, and others will donate their time. It all counts and works toward the success of Camp Fire.

How do I Contribute?

You can make a donation by clicking the link below or the yellow Donate Now button in the upper right corner of this Web page. You may also choose to give an annual pledge, place a legacy gift in your will, or donate stock or bonds to the endowment. Contact Carol Measel, Interim Executive Director for more information at (509) 747-6191, ext. 33.