Starting a Club

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  • Traditional Clubs can be formed with 2 adult leaders with 3 children not from the same household.
  • Family Clubs can be formed with 2 families with a minimum of 3 children.

As a club leader, you decide your group’s age, gender mix and number of members.  Clubs can meet every week, every other week, or even monthly either during the school year or all year. You decide!

Progression of Skills

As the children get older they are given more responsibility, choices and leadership. In Camp Fire Clubs, boys and girls have fun, but they are also learning valuable lessons that will stay with them for a lifetime.


While sharing the same core values, every Club has flexibility to design their own activities (everything from community service projects to field trips). The average size Club is between six to eight kids and has the opportunity to earn money for outings through the annual Candy Fundraiser.

Partnerships between youth and adults

Youth and adults set the direction of activities and accomplishments.

Rewards and Recognition

Once each project or set of projects is completed, children are rewarded with emblems and/or beads. This is an important part of Camp Fire programs. It helps to build self-esteem and pride in their accomplishments. The Camp Fire curriculum helps Leaders guide our youth to discover their spark and Light the fire within.