Resident Camp

Camp Sweyolakan Open House

Saturday July 11: 9 am – 3 pm


Travel to camp from the Camp Sweyolakan landing for a fun day meeting camp staff,  touring camp and taking part in some of the camp activities. The Camp Store will be open.

You are welcome to bring a picnic lunch or purchase the optional BBQ lunchfor $5/person. RSVP NOW!

New in 2015 - Theme Weeks at Camp Sweyolakan

Sailors Unit
Grades 1 & 2

 Sailors - Mathew Brady Photo

“As Sailor’s we’ll sing our song! Toot! Toot!” Our youngest campers will live in the enclosed shelters of the Sailors unit with their counselors right next door! Paddle your boat around the bay and if you get too hot, take a swim in the lake. Enjoy an overnight somewhere special in camp and cook a meal over a wood fire that you helped build. You’ll stay busy while you make arts and crafts, play games, sing songs, laugh, giggle and learn about nature. 

  • Bluebird Unit
    Grade 3


“I like being a Bluebird. It’s fun being a Bluebird, won’t you be a bluebird with me?” Come live in the birdhouses with your counselor nearby. Swim, earn your Funyak ranks or build masterpieces on Sandcastle Beach with your new-found friends. You’ll have the opportunity to hike to majestic places like “Star Point”, look for shooting stars on your in-camp overnight and cookout over a fire.  You even get to build and paint your own birdhouse to take home with you to hang in a tree.

You’ll like being a Bluebird! 

Alpine Unit
Grade 5


“Yo ho ho . . .” Live in a Swiss shelter and sing all day long in your mountain home. Paddle a 10-person war canoe down lake for an overnight to sleep under the stars and cook meals over a fire. Swim off the sandy shores with your new friends and paddle an ocean kayak. Aim to improve your archery skills. Have a blast unraveling a human knot and other challenges on the Low Ropes Course.  Swim, boat, hike, play and laugh all week! 

Trees Unit
Grades 7 & 8


“Just like the birds we live up in the trees…” It’s time to branch out and gain new friends and experiences while sleeping in your lofty tree house. Challenge yourself and take a ride on the better-than-ever Zip Line at the High Ropes Course (participants must be at least age 12 & 4’10″). Harness the wind and ride the windsurfers. Work on ranks in archery and canoeing…quite an achievement! Bake a cake or whatever strikes your fancy over an open fire and increase those outdoor skills on an overnight. Songs, fun, friends and laughter are all waiting for you in trees.

Corral Unit
Grade 4


“C-O-R, R-A-L. Heigh-ho, Corral! Yipee! As you might guess by the name, this Western theme unit is the starting point for fun adventures. Besides the singing, crafts, and playing, you and your friends will do much more! Hike to fun new places for lunch like Beaver Bay. Laugh and learn while earning your first and second ranks in the rowboats and Funyaks. Perhaps row a boat to Echo Bay and sleep on the beach; cook a one-pot meal over a fire. Enjoy games like “Chocolate River” or “Lava Crossing” and fly like an Osprey on the Giant Swing.  You are certain, to take a piece of camp home with you.

Connemara Unit
Grade 6


“Hip-hip-hooray! Hooray!” In this Irish haven “the highest unit in camp”, the Connemara campers live in 2- story towers. Almost any activity is at your fingertips and you and your buddies will get to plan adventures from dawn to dusk. Enjoy a 1- or 2-day overnight on the lake. Sharpen your archery skills and earn ranks. Test your personal limits and learn team building skills on our Low Ropes Course. Fun, friends, laughter and adventure are yours when you’re surrounded by deep Irish green! 

Kiwan Echo Unit
Grades 9 – 12


“…Go, Echo and you will see, what a great bunch of campers live in the tepees!” Built in its own bay, Echo really is a camp within a camp! Live in a tepee. Enjoy your own private waterfront where you can swim, canoe, sail or kayak all day long. Try your hand at archery in Echo’s very own range. Challenge your mind and body on the High Ropes Course (must be at least 4’10″) or hike in the wilderness. At the end of the day, relax around the campfire with new friends and watch the stars.