Dishwashers and Buglers

ALL Dishwashers and Buglers POSITIONS FILLED FOR 2015

We are still accepting applications for Camper Buddies — All Applicants must be 8th grade and above

Camper Buddies are needed for our campers with special needs. Preference is given to campers entering 8th grade and above.  Complete the application below

Dishwashers and Buglers  may not be able to participate in out-of-camp activities. Bugler Position at Camp Fire

Please be sure to review the following documents for the position you are interested in prior to applying to fully understand your role at camp.

Dishwasher Position Expectations & Responsibilities – ALL POSITIONS FILLED FOR 2015

We assign up to four dishwashers per session and they are responsible for arriving at the Dining Hall a half an hour before every meal and staying until the dishes, pots and pans and the dish-pit area are cleaned before joining their peers.  The quicker and more complete the team works together, the more they will be able to participate in activities. Dishwashers must be flexible and able to work in a team setting with others who they may only meet upon arrival at camp.

Bugler Position Expectations & Responsibilities  ALL POSITIONS FILLED FOR 2015

The musician’s instrument must ‘carry’ the sound throughout camp – Saxophone, Trumpet, Coronet & Bugle players are encouraged to apply. The Bugler schedule is based on the camp program schedule.  This means being up before most of the other campers and being at your assignments throughout the day on time.  If you are late, then most likely so are they.  The bugler’ signal acts as a reminder to campers and staff so that activities may stay close to a schedule. It is an important job!

Buglers must audition: Potential musicians must FIRST submit an application and references. Candidates may either audition in person or by phone by calling our office at 509-747-6191 for an appointment, or submit an audio file, CD or Cassette Tape.

Perfection is not expected, as we believe improvement will come with practice, however we are looking for musicians who are able to play the proper rhythm and full range of notes in the 2 audition pieces: To the Color and Taps. Music for Audition Pieces To see the complete schedule and the remainder of the music, BUGLER MUSIC with Schedule. Please note schedule subject to modification by Camp Director upon review of 2015 camp program schedule.

Complete Applications and Reference Forms must be received prior to session assignments.

Dishwasher, Bugler & Sweyolakan Camp Buddy Application  

Online Reference Request Form

Printable Youth Reference Request