Canoe Restoration

The restoration of our canoes is a volunteer driven alumni project that started in 2011. Thanks to the many canoe sponsors and donors.

Canoe Restoration Pamphlet

5 restored canoesRestoration of the Kanxi, Echo, Tyee, Kiwanis and Kaladi are complete!

Volunteers – Volunteers help out with canoe prep, sanding, plank repair, canvassing, caning and painting along with a variety of other related tasks.

More Fundraising

Thanks to all of our supporters and donors we have adopted out most of our canoes and are getting close to having the funds necessary to complete the restoration!  Now we need to finish up restoration and protect our investment.

Purchasing Mooring Covers (Goal $10,000) – Since weather is most damaging to the canoes and Sweyolakan canoes sit out, we need mooring covers to protect the newly restored finishes. The cost for each cover is $300-$500.

Paddle Restoration (Goal $1500) – The original paddles for our canoes need some work. This will be mostly labor but some supplies will be necessary. We also need to replace the paddles that can’t be restored.

Canoe Staff Specialist (Goal $2000 each year) – We would like to add a “canoe counselor” who will be responsible for overseeing the canoes during the season and a continuing education program.

Wohsumee Canoe (Goal $5000) – Our Wohsumee is actually a Willits canoe that was built in Tacoma and fortunately we have found a Willits restoration expert in Lacey, WA. Due to its unusual construction we will need additional funds for restoration of this canoe as the estimated cost is $5000.

General Fund (Goal $15000) – Donations for materials, supplies, tools and ongoing maintenance for the Canoe Rescue & Restoration Project.

Canoe Restoration T-Shirts – T-Shirts are available in a variety of colors online or in the Camp Fire store.  Sizes range from small to 2XL

Sweyolakan Historical Calendar – 16 month (Sept 2012 – Dec 2013) historical Sweyolakan Calendars with images from the past 90 years are available online or in the Camp Fire store.

Volunteers are still being recruited, so if you or anyone you know would be interested, please contact Eileen Mathews or Carol Measel.