Camp Fire National Historical Timeline

1910– Camp Fire Girls, America’s first national organization for girls of every nationality, race, creed and economic status came into  being. Fire symbolized the home, the place of comfort and cheer. Camp symbolized the out-of-doors spirit of the organization.

Through the inspiration, imagination and effort of Dr. and Mrs. Luther Halsey Gulick, authorities in child health, recreation and education, our organization was born. Working with other prominent men and women in the fields of social work, psychology and education, the Gulick’s molded a program uniquely suited to the needs of girls.

The colorful lore, ceremonies and costume of the American Indian were chosen as the artistic impetus, and Wohelo taken from the words WOrk, HEalth, and LOve, became their watchword. Camp Fire Girls was an American project.

1913– Blue Birds, a younger girls’ program, was designed.

1941– Camp Fire Girls and Blue Birds were younger in age than the early members. The program was revised, and a program especially for high school girls was written, Horizon club.

1962– After a three-year study, several changes occurred. The Blue Bird level became a two-year program for second and third grade girls. Children became bona fide Camp Fire Girls in the fourth grade. A new program level was designed especially for Junior High girls in the seventh and eighth grades, and the Wohelo Medallion was added for Horizon.

1970– Age level of Blue Birds was expanded to include six-year olds.

1971– Name ‘Discovery Club’ was given to the Junior High girls. Discovery and Horizon club programs were revised.

1972– Adventure (a new name) and Blue Bird program materials were revised.

1975– Boys encouraged to participate in all Camp Fire activities.

1979– Name and logo of the organization were changed to reflect the co-ed programming. The agency’s official name became, Camp Fire, Inc.

1983– Program revisions to the co-ed Adventure program were completed (begun in 1978). The Camp Fire Sparks program was created for kindergartners.

1989– Sparks and Blue Birds were renamed Starflight, which is for kindergarteners, first and second graders in Camp Fire clubs. A bluebird mascot was introduced. Adventure was adjusted to 3rd – 5th grades; Discovery 6th – 8th.

2001– Name and logo for the national organization was changed to Camp Fire USA.

2002– Community Family Club was introduced. Camp Fire USA continues with its five official delivery systems: Camp, Club, Child Care, Self-Reliance and Teens in Action. Starflight and Adventure programs were revised.

– Name and logo for the national organization was changed to Camp Fire.