Camp Fire Inland Northwest Board of Directors


President – Melissa Crane

Vice President – Megan Franklin

Secretary – Jessie McLaughlin

Treasurer – Lois Richards


Anne Bailey

Nina Beegle

Jo Brown

Christy deViveiros

Dale deViveiros

Anthony Dutton

Kim Ellis

Karen Erickson

Donna Hunts

Matt Lusk

Kristen Mysse

Lynn Niehenke

Laurie Skipper

Dennis Wilson

Youth Members

Sam Hunts

New Board Members Needed

Here is your chance to make a difference in the lives of the children in our community. The people who make up the Board of Directors have vastly different strengths, from finance management to resource development, but one thing connects them all: the desire to help our children grow into strong and confident leaders. Some board members grew up with Camp Fire, others feel their expertise could be of help to the Council.

If interested, please contact Kelly Scalf – Executive Director or call 509-747-6191 X22.